Kratom Capsules

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Kratom Capsules Dosage

Its important to remember the dosage of any herbal product depends on the individual. It also depends on the outcome your looking for. If you were looking for an opiate suppression, a mild painkiller, a relaxant, a strong painkiller, etc, your dose is going to be very different. It also depends on your tolerance level. Some people have a high tolerance, other a much lower tolerance. Me personally, I have a very low tolerance and only require 2-4 capsules of Thai for a good effect. I have heard of people taking 20 capsules. If I took 20 caps, I’d be very nauseous. I've tried to come up with a table that details (as a guideline) the kratom capsules dose.

1-4 Caps - Low Dose (Mild Effects great as a pain killer)

5-7 Caps - Medium Dose (Medium Effects)

8-10 Caps - Strong Dose (Strong Effects)

10+ Caps - Very Strong Dose (Very very Strong effects)

I trust this is a good starting point for you. If in doubt, always start with a low dose and air on the side of caution, then gradually build up until the desired effct is reached. Also, if you're new to kratom strains, a good place to start is with Bali or Thai.